Sticky Snow

Strangely mild winter for New England, then wham! Heavy, sticky snow on Friday and 8 inches more coming today and tomorrow. Took 3 hours to clear the driveway. Lots of trees down and power out across the state, including half our town but we were lucky. When we were out on Friday cleaning up we could hear tree limbs snapping.

Off to get gas/petrol for the snowblower. The old JD tractor I bought with giant 49 inch snowblower stalls after running fine for a few weeks. Cleaned out the carburetor last night. New ignition coil and condenser bypass on the way. Learning lots about engines. Fortunately the old trusty one still works fine.

Kids helped bring in wood from the stock pile yesterday. Schools called last night and they are all closed; kids excited, parents rescheduling.

Wondering what folks do with themselves in Arizona?

Sticky snow
white blanket

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